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Divine Mysteries
Of The Unknown

Exploring the Profound Secrets of the Unseen


Hi, I'm Brandi!
So good to have you here.  

Brandi: The Spirited Soul Shepherd

In a realm where whispers dance between worlds, Brandi emerges as the ethereal guide, beckoning lost entities towards the light. With a mischievous grin and a compassionate heart, she weaves her enchanting charm to help trapped souls break free from their spectral shackles.


My Podcast

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It's In The Journey

"It's in the Journey: Spirited Sojourns to the Other Side"

Step into the whimsical realm of "It's in the Journey," a podcast that embarks on enchanting expeditions into the ethereal. Join our spirited host as she reveals the playful secrets and mischievous tales of helping lost souls find their way across the mystical threshold.

In each episode, we dive headfirst into spectral sagas, guiding trapped spirits towards their ultimate destination. With a sprinkle of spectral savoir-faire and a dash of mischievous charm, our host unravels the enigmatic tapestry of the afterlife, one spectral adventure at a time.

Through ethereal realms and haunted hideaways, we traverse alongside the Spirited Soul Shepherd, unearthing spine-tingling encounters and heartwarming stories of souls yearning for liberation. With laughter as our compass and curiosity as our guide, we navigate the unseen, shedding light on the extraordinary journeys that unfold in the shadows.

Discover the playful twists and turns, as we unveil the spectral enigmas and weave through the web of afterlife mysteries. From mischievous apparitions to tender farewells, our podcast brings a touch of whimsy to the ethereal journey of crossing over.

So, grab your spectral gear, tune in to "It's in the Journey," and embark on an adventure where laughter and compassion pave the way. It's time to embark on spirited sojourns to the other side, where the extraordinary awaits in every step of the enchanting journey.

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